Over the years we've been approached to look at a wide variety of communication systems to provide private or public links. Sometimes these are unique and sometimes they are influenced and/or built on an existing network we have designed or based upon something we have done before.

Here are some projects that we have recently been involved in:

Point-to-Point High Capacity Microwave

A business in a rural office was quoted over £40k for fibre provision so we designed and built a two-hop microwave link that gave significantly more bandwidth at a much lower cost. When other businesses in the building saw the result we were able to partition the link to carry traffic for multiple customers.


Our in-house-designed range of mast and roof mount solutions mean that we can select, fabricate and install a wide range of mountings for all your antennae requirements. Our guy-less triangular and square section masts are to be found all over the country in a variety of applications.

Rural Office Connectivity

A rural office complex in converted barns could not be served using ADSL or fibre so having been consulted by the owners we connected the office suites via a point-to-point link to a local Point of Presence using a telegraph pole to blend in better with the landscape and provide the tenants with a cost-effective and high performance symmetric connection to the Internet.

National Backbone Breakout Using Microwave Links

This project derived bandwidth from a pan-European POP and delivered it to a rural area for distribution by various means. The breakout involved IP routing out of the POP and a three-hop microwave chain to deliver bandwidth to 3 mast sites. All project design, project management and civil engineering was carried out by WB-Internet.

Point-to-Multipoint Rural Radio Hub

Using the 5.8GHz Band C Channels a 4W EIRP 802.11a long-reach radio hub was designed and built in rural Essex. Working closely with the manufacturers, 4 APs with specialist sector antennae were deployed with a supporting L2/L3 IP infrastructure. Performance is excellent providing flexible rural broadband up to 25km from the hub.

Local Loop Unbundling

Bringing real bandwidth to LLU, WB-Internet pioneered a technique to bring capacity to starved telephone exchanges using a point-to-point microwave circuit on the roof. Once there fibre interconnects to an LLU cabinet and Zyxel IES access units delivered blistering DSL services over copper.