WB-Internet was formed to build robust networks and deliver bandwidth – bandwidth to the end of the network and beyond – an inclusive vision of the Internet revolution.

To achieve these aims WB-Internet commit to the complete technology lifecycle – research, planning, study, trial, deployment, commissioning and operation. The key is bandwidth and the use of a range of robust technologies to deliver it the right place at the right price.

Our main areas of activity are providing high-capacity, point-to-point microwave connectivity and point-to-multipoint radio distribution systems and these often combine to bring Internet connectivity to areas that are poorly served.

To do this we frequently deploy our own mast designs which can be built and installed to your specifications.

Whatever your connectivity requirements you’ll find we’re knowledgeable and passionate about what we do.

Wifi mast construction.
Microwave wifi dish mounted on a domestic chimney


Rural wifi transmitter mounted on a fence.
Communications mast engineering